Hello Friends! It has been entirely TOO long since I’ve written to you. So many wonderful things have been happening that I’ve honestly just been enjoying life and living it fully. I was sitting here trying to figure out where I wanted to begin filling you in and I decided I’d start with my proudest moment first. I’m going to start at the beginning, so grab a cup of coffee or tea and get comfy while I fill you in on my weight loss journey 🙂



The Struggle is Real

It’s been 6 weeks since the Biggest Loser challenge came to an end and I’m happy to report that I’m still working hard at my weight loss. I push myself each and every day and it feels amazing 🙂 I walk an average of 16,000 steps a day and so far my highest day was 25,629! I can’t tell you much I love my Fitbit Charge HR. Well, if you follow me on Instagram then you DO know how much I love it lol. It truly has been a huge motivator for me and the challenges I do with a group of friends via the Fitbit has made it easy to motivate and encourage each other. Some have even called me an inspiration! I never would have dreamed that would happen 🙂 I love helping others achieve their goals and get excited when they have their highest steps ever to date or get milestones badges. It make ME feel good to see them succeed.


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