New Year ~ New Me

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Happy  2016 🙂 Yes, I know, I’m late. Better late than never! I’ve been thinking about what I was going to write for my first post of 2016 and it’s taken me until today to figure it all out. So many things have been going on and I honestly haven’t felt the urge to write like I used to. I’m going to slowly ease myself back into a normal rhythm of posting and start sharing some things that have been going on.

I should warn you now that this is going to be a bit of a long post, but it’s worth it. The end of last year and the beginning of this year have been life-changing for me and I’ve been anxious to share my journey with all of you 🙂

Back in October Sarah, a co-worker of mine, headed up a Biggest Loser challenge. She normally does one in the spring and one in the fall, and her own weight loss journey is so inspiring. I asked her to share her story and she’s give me permission to share it here with all of you.

“My Weight loss journey began about 10 years ago. Being the fat girl all my life was just what I was used to. I was always the biggest of my friends, the girl with a pretty face and, of course, the funniest one. I had tried fad diets and thought for about 4 days at a clip that this was it…this is going to work. I will be skinny. To no avail. Yo-yo dieting and failing at every attempt was a way of life for me. Until the light bulb went off at the doctor’s office. I had gone to see a rheumatologist because I was having serious issues with my hands. I couldn’t open a package of bologna (that alone tells you about my healthy eating habits 🙂). While at the doctor’s office and him diagnosing me with Rheumatoid Arthritis he also informed me that I was borderline diabetic. WTH! No way.

Apparently that is what scared me straight. From that day forward I knew I needed to make changes. I had just purchased my own house and was doing fine in my life…now it was time to get healthy. I realized that I didn’t balloon to 285 pounds overnight and sure wasn’t going to lose it overnight. I had to make changes. Eating habits, activity habits and even drinking habits. I started small…I didn’t want my body to go into shock 🙂 I started eating more broccoli and less ice cream. Smaller portions and of course incorporating movement to my life. I hate exercise and am the first to admit it. So instead, I started small by parking farther away when I went places. May not sounds like much but you would be surprised. I would walk up and down my stairs at home. Eventually I did get a stationary bike cause truly I did not want to miss my TV shows. I would ride that for a while and before you knew I would be doing it long enough and hard enough to work up a sweat. The weight came off over the years and I even had my daughter in between then and now. I actually weigh less now than when I got pregnant  so that in and of itself is an accomplishment.

Now the maintaining and losing of the few pounds that comes back every now and again can be a challenge. Over the course of the last 10 years I have managed to loose and keep off over 100 pounds. Because maintaining can be a struggle, I decided that I needed more motivation and accountability so why not use my work friends to do so. I started the Biggest Loser challenge at work. I usually run it twice a year. I am not out to lose drastic amounts of weight anymore but when those pesky 5-10 pounds come back, cash can be a great motivator for some. For me, being held to the scale every week can usually do the trick. I introduced Liz to the Biggest Loser and Liz in turn introduced me to Fitbit. Now this little watch has me more active than I ever thought I would be. For someone like me who has medical issues and a low metabolism, weight will always be a struggle. However, with right motivators and mind frame, anyone can do it. I am never going to be the size 2 you see on TV and I am fine with that. I am comfortable, for the most part J, with where I am at now. I am not afraid to say I sit comfortably at about 175-180. For me a healthy weigh is about 165. So for the next few weeks I need to hunker down and do what I have done in the past and get back on track. Diet is not a good word to use. You need to make lifestyle changes and choices that work for you. It is a way of life, not a fad you may be going through. Not for me anyway 🙂 I love motivating the people around me and hope to continue to get the chance to do so. Many people have come through my Biggest Loser challenges and many have succeeded. I like that.”

Isn’t she inspiring?! I’ve participated in her Biggest Loser Challenges in the past, but never seemed to stay motivated after the first few weeks. I walked up to the scale, paid Sarah my $30 and weighed in. The number staring back at me made my heart sink. 198.6. Even typing that number now brings tears to my eyes. I had reached the heaviest weight in my life and knew at that very second my life had to change. I felt sick. Not in a disgusted way…but in a way that truly made me sad. I had known for awhile that I needed to get in shape and live a healthier lifestyle, but it just seemed so much easier to just keep living life the way it was. Horrible excuse . . . I know. This is honestly a battle you have to be ready for and until you reach that light bulb, heart wrenching, holy crap moment, it’s really hard to make a 180 with your life. At least that’s how it was for me.

I went home that night after work and had a meltdown. Sadness, anger, frustration and helplessness came pouring out of my eyes. I knew this was going to be the hardest thing to tackle in my life to date but after the tears stopped and I let everything sink in, I can’t even explain the sense of determination that came over me. Big changes were about to happen and I was ready. For all of it.

For the first few weeks, I knew I had to drastically change my eating habits and that included eliminating alcohol and soda from my diet and really start keeping track of my food intake. I started making wraps for lunch and packing fruits and veggies to snack on during the day. I was so scared for the first weigh in. I had only changed a few things in that first week but, boy, it made a difference. I lost 5.4 pounds! I took second place that week. The guy who won first, Corey, would end up being my biggest competitor throughout this whole challenge. The second week I lost 3.4 pounds by still only watching what I was eating and only drinking water. I took first that week 🙂 It felt amazing. The only thing I hadn’t really changed was my exercise habits. I had none. Not even walking. The next few weeks Corey and I would go back and forth for first place. It was maddening!!

By week seven I had lost 12.8 pounds 🙂 I was SO proud, but I knew I could do more. I had been researching Fitbits for awhile and, with Black Friday being the next week, I found a great price and ordered a Fitbit Charge HR. It arrived two days later, the day we were having family over for our big dinner. I couldn’t wait to put it on. That night I got myself all set up and that was the day Fitbit created a monster lol. I right away set my goal to 10,000 and started hitting that number and more every day. With only three weeks left of the challenge, I had my work cut out for me. I walked and walked and walked. At work, around the neighborhood, up and down the stairs at work and even laps in our house. I was driven by the goal I had set for myself, the determination to WIN and the desire for a healthier life.

On final weigh in day, I stepped on the scale at 181.4 pounds. I had lost 17.2 in ten weeks and ended up winning the whole competition 🙂 It was by far the hardest thing I’ve ever done in my life and the most rewarding at the same time. I knew that this competition had reset my life and I thank Sarah every day for helping me through my rough weeks when I would gain and for cheering me on when I would have a great loss week. Even though the challenge was over I knew this was going to be the new me. Walking every day, rarely drinking alcohol and eating healthy and ya know what? IT FEELS AMAZING!!!

Here is the before and the after Biggest Loser photo. The difference blows me away every time I look at these side by side.


I know this was a long post, but I hope you stuck it out til the end. It’s been something that has been waiting to be written and I can’t wait to update you more on how everything is going in another post. Thanks for listening and I hope you didn’t mind me pouring my heart out 🙂

If you’d like to see more about my weight loss journey or take a look at how it all came together, feel free to find me on Instagram under 4evermysweetpea.

Thanks again for taking the time to stop by 🙂 I promise the next post won’t be so long!

Much love,


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  1. lexesfitness

     /  February 9, 2016

    Loved your post and glad you’re sticking to your weight loss journey ❤ I'll go follow you on insta (hippyandflowers). Keep it up and stay motivated!


  2. I started a blog 1-1-16 to support the people in a weight loss challenge I am hosting. I am new to blogging! One way I am learning is by checking out other blogs! I just came across your inspiring blog! I’m excited to follow your journey!


  3. Manda

     /  February 9, 2016

    Way to go Liz!!! Super proud of you!! Keep up the amazing job. Hugs


    • Omg AMANDA!!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking the time to read and comment on this. Big hugs 😊❤️


  4. TereseZ

     /  February 9, 2016

    So absolutely proud of you sweet sunshine!! You are truly an inspiration!!

    Miss you tons!


    • ☺️ thank you my dear!!! It’s been an amazing journey. Miss you too! Next time I’m home we’ll have to plan on a date to Harbor View😊


  1. New Beginning | Get Fit ~ Be Healthy ~ live Happy

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