October Calmbox

Happy Fall, everyone! I love this time of year 🙂 The chillier temperatures mean its boot season and time for fires in the fireplace. It’s also a time when life seems to start to slow down a little bit. I was excited to see what this month’s Calmbox theme would be and what wonderful things would help usher in this next season. Ready to see?

October Calmbox

October Calmbox
1,0001 Ways to Relax ~ Who doesn’t love a book that can help you relax? I skimmed through this book and there are so many ideas I would have never thought of. It will be fun to open to a random page each day and try one.

October Calmbox

Lemon Stress Ball ~ This is a really cute idea. My lovely dog thought it was a toy for her so it’s now safely tucked away in my drawer at work. That’s where I need the most help de-stressing anyway 😉

October Calmbox

Honeysuckle Body Butter ~Two things I really like in one great product, the smell of honeysuckle and body butter.  With the temperatures getting colder, I’ve already had to start using lotion on my hands. What I find so great about body butter, though, is that it seems to moisturize my hands longer. Great product!

October Calmbox

Bone Worry Stone ~This little guy has a permanent home in my purse. I take him out whenever I need to calm my mind. Whether I’m at work or sitting at home; it’s always with me.

October Calmbox

Fragrant Tea Candles ~I LOVE candles! You could even say I have a slight obsession with them. I took the lavender one into our bedroom right away and lit it. By the time I was ready for bed, our room smelled heavenly. I lit the rose-water one in our living room, but it was a little strong so I’m going to add it to my basket in our guest bathroom 🙂

October Calmbox

Yogi Bedtime Tea ~If you’ve been following me for the past few months on here, you will know that I drink Yogi tea on a regular basis. I have a variety of flavors already in my cupboard including this one. In fact, the day I got this box I had a cup of it before I went to bed 🙂

October Calmbox

Do More of What Makes You Happy Poster ~I absolutely LOVE this saying 🙂  I’ve got a frame all picked out and I can’t wait to hang this in my office. It’s such a great reminder. Life is too short to not to be happy.

October Calmbox

Pure Organic Ancient Grains Nut Bar ~I have to be honest, I probably won’t eat this. I’m going to bring it in to work and give it to a co-worker instead. It’s the only thing in this month’s box that I really didn’t enjoy.

October Calmbox

So as you can see, it was another wonderful box filled with great ways to reduce stress and relax 🙂 I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it before, but every month the Calmbox team donates a portion of their proceeds to different charities or groups. This month, part of the proceeds is going to Doctors Without Borders. I think this is a great idea and every month it’s different. What an awesome way to give back!

If you haven’t checked out Calmbox, you really should. It’s such a wonderful subscription box. I’ll even provide you with the code SWEETPEA so you can receive 15% off your first box! If you already subscribe to this box, I’d love to know what you think about it! Click leave a comment below and let me know.

Thanks for stopping by 🙂

Much love,


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