Love the Home You Have ~ Book Review

Love the Home You Have

I want to start off by thanking Melissa for writing a book that truly feels like it was written just for me. I wish I would’ve had this book when my husband and I first met. The first house we lived in together was a home he purchased when he was with his ex-wife. The reason I tell you that is so that you understand where my feelings came from and why I struggled to love the home we had. Melissa makes you realize that no matter the house you live in or the circumstances that have brought you to where you are you can put all the ideas and dreams from your head into that home.

Before I even moved in we painted every wall, put in wood floors, and painted the kitchen. I wanted a fresh start. Even after we got settled, it still didn’t feel like home. We decided not too long after that we were going to sell that house. My husband didn’t want to put any more money in to it but there were so many things left to do that could have made it feel more like a home to me. Sorry, I know I need to get to the point. Instead of making that house a home, I focused on the history that was there and I hated it. This is where this book would have saved me years of not loving where we were. Yes, years. 6 years to be exact. 5 realtors. Multiple different agencies. It was awful, but when I finally got fed up enough I told my husband that since the house wasn’t selling I wanted to start doing the projects that I knew would make it feel more “me” and more “home”.

It was the best decision ever! By the time our house sold, I truly felt at home and happy with everything we had done. I felt at peace and knew that the person who bought this house was getting a home created with love.
My point to telling you this story was that Melissa really helps you walk through the process of loving your home, no matter what its short falls are. There are exercises at the end of each chapter, helpful tips and inspiration, and even a 31 day challenge at the end of the book to jump-start your journey to loving your home. Her message at the end is that no matter where you are in the journey, START TODAY!

Now that we are in our new home and I have read this book, I’ve been paying more attention to how I want each room to feel, what each room will be used for and how I can incorporate the things I have and my big dreams in my brain into this picture. I’m excited to start the 31 day challenge and look forward to sharing each one with you as it’s completed. I may even share sneak peeks on my Instagram feed (LADYEPHOTOS)!

I think this book will help anyone who reads it. Whether you own or rent, whether you love your home or not, it has helpful information for anyone to fall in love with where you are right now. Have any of you read this book? If you have, I’d love to hear your thoughts on it down in the comments below!!

Much love,

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