How to Prepare for a Craft Fair

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One of my goals this year was to participate in a craft fair. I added it to my Leonie Dawson 100 Things to Do in 2015 list, added a photo of a craft fair to my vision board and then prayed that an opportunity would come to me. I had so many photo shoots going on and with moving into our new house, I wasn’t actively looking for craft fairs, but that didn’t stop the universe from bringing me the opportunity to me.

A co-worker who creates amazing wire wrapped jewelry asked if I’d like to sign up for a small craft fair that would be happening in a few weeks. She told me that it wasn’t anything big and the entry fee was only $25. I figured it was the perfect opportunity to get my feet wet! I had nothing in the way of a “set-up”. I had a table that we use for camping, camping chairs, and my photography. With it being in the middle of summer I figured I better get a canopy. I made sure to tell my husband that it would be great for camping too 🙂 He couldn’t say no to that! I enlisted my mom to come with me for added support and company and that was the extent of everything I thought I would need.
We got up early in the morning and headed to the location of the fair. Kate wasn’t kidding when she said it was small. There were 6 vendors. It was perfect. Everyone was so friendly and helpful. I quickly realized though that I had forgotten a TON of necessary things one should have when participating in a craft fair. The list included a cash box, a table cloth, snacks and a few other things. I used sheer curtain panels to block the sun which ended up just blowing around and we eventually took them down. We used one as a table cloth. I emptied my note card box to use as a cash box. I took pictures of the things that sold so I’d have record of it. Let’s just say our set up was simple and somewhat functional lol.  In the end, it was a great learning experience 🙂 I’m happy to say that I broke even, but most importantly came home with tons of ideas for the next craft fair.


EM Photography
And here we are, at my second craft fair of the year a few weeks ago, armed with a checklist of every possible thing I could need to make this event more successful. I spent the weeks before the fair fine-tuning my set-up, ordering new prints, note cards and buying the essential items I had forgotten for the first craft fair. I loaded up the car the night before so I was ready to go at 5:15 AM when my mom arrived. Set up was from 6-7:45 so I wanted to make sure we got there with plenty of time to set-up and then go and get a cup of coffee before the fair got started.


EM Photography
It took us the whole time allotted to get set up and by then I was exhausted. Everything went up smoothly and I LOVED how our booth looked 🙂 The first two hours were really slow, but then it picked up and we were pretty steady all day. I had lots of people complimenting me on my work and even had a few people request information about photo shoots. I ended up selling 35 note cards and finished the day with $30 in profit! I was so pleased with how everything went and my checklist worked like a charm. I can’t wait for the next fair!!


I learned so much between the first and second craft fair and wanted to share my story with you, along with my Printable Craft Fair Checklist to help you be more prepared for your next fair 🙂 I’d love to know if there is anything you would add to the list and possibly share any tips or tricks you may have. Please let me know down in the comments!!
Much love,


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  1. Congrats on making your goal happen. I have had the same goal for years and I am finally committed to doing it this year. Thanks for the checklist, I’ll use it and let you know how it went!


  2. Thanks for your check list. I’m doing my first Christmas craft fair next weekend and I’m a tad nervous. Hopefully this will help!



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