August Calmbox Review

It’s that time again for another Calmbox review!  I always look forward to mail on the days I know I have packages coming. This is the second Calmbox that I have received and it didn’t disappoint. The concept and execution of these boxes is amazing! Ready to see what was included this month?



The heavenly smell that escaped the box when I opened it immediately put me in a better state of mind. Lavender and more lavender. LOVE IT!!! Besides purple being my favorite color, the smell of lavender is such a calming fragrance.


The two items to the right were cards that you could hang as a daily reminder/affirmation. I love that they included two of each card as I took them to work and hung two in my cube and two in a co-workers cube 🙂 She loved them!


If you follow me on Instagram (@LADYEPHOTOS), you know I love Yogi brand tea. I’ve never seen this flavor in any stores in my area, so I’m excited to give it a try. I just might have to have a cup of this tonight while I’m editing photos!


I’m a sucker for snacks and fruit snacks are probably in the top five of my favorite. I was happy to see that these fruit snacks were organic and boy did they taste AMAZING! I could have eaten two or three of these pouches!!!


I was excited to see another book included in this month’s box. I haven’t had a chance to read the one I got last month, but my plan is to pack both of them for our upcoming camping trip. There is nothing better than reading books sitting by a fire surrounded by nature.


You can never go wrong with homemade soaps. I have this bar sitting on the shelf in my bathroom and every time I walk by I get a whiff of lavender. I’m not sure when I’m going to use it. . .maybe after a long day of work. Until then, I’m going to leave it on my shelf to enjoy.


I’m actually going to download the MP3 version of this CD that was provided as I’d like to listen to it on my phone. I’ve listened to versions of delta waves on YouTube and look forward to listening and relaxing to this 🙂


I have a jar full of shells that I’ve added this to. It makes me want to take a trip to the beach!


I’ve added this little sachet of lavender to our linen closet 🙂 It’s making everything smell so good!


Look at this beautiful tumbled Amethyst stone! I love it for so many reasons. It fits perfect in the palm of your hand for when you are meditating. It also fits in my purse so I can carry it with me when I go to sessions. I sat with it before yesterdays session and it instantly calmed my nerves.

Once again, Calmbox has supplied me with amazing tools to live a calm, balanced, zen filled life 🙂

Make sure to head on over to and sign up to get $5 off your first box!! You won’t be disappointed.

Much love,



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