July Recap and August Goals

Here we are again, at the beginning of a new month 🙂 Mike and I celebrated 6 years of marriage this past weekend and spent the day in Door County. It was a wonderful trip. I’ve been extremely busy with photo shoots which is always good news and I continue to add new clients. I also participated in my first craft show! It was a great learning. Let’s see how well I did on my July goals with how busy I’ve been.

Door County

July Recap

Home Life:

  • Clean out and organize the pantry. FAIL I didn’t even open the pantry to even TRY and start this project. I’m thinking a few of these might be winter projects.
  • Clean out and organize the hall linen closet. FAIL/SUCCESS While I didn’t completely empty it and organize every shelf, I did manage to get sheets and towels on to their own shelves.
  • Hang our two hanging pots. FAIL/SUCCESS The one pot is now hanging in the screen porch, but the other is still stilling on the side table. Maybe I’ll just leave it there lol.
  • Refinish old dresser for the front entry way. FAIL I have made some progress with this project. I hauled it upstairs with help from my step-brother. Now it’s at least in my way so I’ll be motivated to work on it. It needs to be washed, primed with Kilz, and then painted.


  • Organize desk area. SUCCESS My desk top is clear although I’m still trying to find places to put everything. My office is filled with so much stuff right now it’s overwhelming.
  • Blog once a week or more! FAIL I did a terrible job at keeping up with posts this past month. I was so busy shooting and editing that I didn’t make time to update the blog. I WILL get better at this.
  • Pack away all newborn props. SUCCESS I purchased cube storage for my closet and have been able to get most of my props put away. Some of the bigger items will be put in our spare room closet when my step-brother goes back to college.
  • Unpack all boxes in the office closet. FAIL/SUCCESS I haven’t gotten every single one unpacked but I AM down to only 2 more that need to be done.
  • Write a page on my blog featuring engagement and couple photos. SUCCESS I was actually able to get my engagement/couple, senior portraits, and newborn pages done!! I still have family, portrait/children and weddings to do but I’m hoping to have those done this next month.


  • Do kickboxing twice a week. FAIL
  • Read every day. FAIL
  • Create a prayer/gratitude board. FAIL
  • Walk with Aayla three times a week. FAIL
  • Go to bed by 9:30 every night. FAIL


I’m unfortunately not surprised that I didn’t do very well on my goals this past month. I’m mostly disappointed with the Personal/Health goals not being accomplished. I’ll need to do better this next month. With how busy I am with photo shoots and other commitments, I guess I should be happy to accomplish the few things I did get done. This next month is going to have fewer goals as it will mostly likely be my busiest month yet.

Now the hard part . . . laying out the goals for August.

August Goals

Home Life:

  • Refinish old dresser Yep, this one is back on the list. My goal is to pick a day to wash it, then another to prime it and then one to paint it. Each task shouldn’t take more than an hour to accomplish.
  • Organize our closet The closet has been a mess since the day we moved in. There are piles of stuff on the floor and the shelves. We are definitely not using it to its full potential.
  • Design living room shelving unit We have a large space around our TV and very tall ceilings which is the perfect space for the pipe shelving unit I want to build. I’ve seen a few ideas on Pinterest that I love and I don’t think it will be too hard to execute. It will give me more shelf space to decorate and display my photos and books. I have TONS of ideas on how I want to style it 🙂 The hubby isn’t exactly on board with this project so we’ll see what he thinks of it when it’s done!


  • Complete Portrait/Children, Wedding, and Family pages on the blog I’ve been getting a lot of hits on my blog for the pages that I have updated so I’m excited to complete the rest of these. It’s proving to be a great way to showcase my work.


  • Walk every day I can’t explain how sluggish and blah I’ve felt lately. I need to make a point to at least walk the trail every day for 20 minutes. There shouldn’t be any reason I can’t block that time to focus on a healthier me.
  • Read one book I’ve gotten out of the habit of reading since my nights have been filled with editing but I hope to dedicate time to read a chapter a night.

As you can tell, I really backed off on how many goals I have listed. It’s better for me to be realistic with photography season in full swing, than to give myself more goals than possible for me to accomplish. As I write this I’m actually preparing to head up north for the weekend to photograph my step-brother’s wedding. It’s going to be a busy few days, but I look forward to sharing some photos from the weekend with you when I get back.

I hope you are all having a great summer!!!


Much love,


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