A & E Photo Shoot ~ Fears Conquered

A&E Photo Shoot

Last week, I did something I never thought I’d do – I photographed my first newborn baby, which was amazing, but I also did the shoot in our new house. I’ve always been an outdoor, natural light photographer as I find the light much easier to work with, and locations and backdrops are endless. I was approached by two clients about doing newborn sessions and at first I wanted to tell them no. I was too scared and have a terrible time stepping out of my comfort zone. Heaven forbid I actually do something that could be AMAZING, right?! I honestly went back and forth for days after committing to both of them, about backing out. What if the baby is fussy and I don’t capture any images I like? What if nothing turns out? What if this and what if that? It was exhausting. I finally had enough and told that voice in my head to be quiet, that I was going to go through with it and, if anything, it was going to be a great learning experience.

I spent the whole week before reading everything I could on newborn photography including an amazing book by Robin Long called Natural Newborn Baby Photography. This book was SO helpful. I watched YouTube videos done by Ana Brandt which were also very helpful. The night before I started pulling together all my scarves, blankets, a crate, a cradle and my backdrop stand. I even bought a bean bag chair, puppy pee pads, hand sanitizer, and clips for my backdrops the day before! My husband just shook his head while he watched me run around. . . and then I made him move our sectional, lol. The best light in our house was in front of our big living room window. . . which the sectional was in front of. I even pulled out our space heater, too, just in case.

We met at a park near my home and photographed their 3 year old first. She did amazingly well and had a blast running around. Here are some previews of her shoot πŸ™‚

A&E Photo Shoot

A&E Photo Shoot A&E Photo Shoot







After that, we packed up and headed to my house. The mom got baby fed and changed and we started! I was honestly nervous about moving her around at first. She was wide awake during our whole session. We started simple with a naked baby πŸ™‚ I was warned that she may poop a lot because she is a breastfeed baby, but she didn’t! She did pee, but thanks to my puppy pads, the bottom blanket was safe and I just flipped my backdrop around so we could keep shooting πŸ™‚

Once her diaper was back in place, we wrapped her in various scarves, added headbands and changed up the backdrops.

A&E Photo Shoot A&E Photo Shoot A&E Photo Shoot


A&E Photo Shoot

All-in-all she was AMAZING to work with and I couldn’t have asked for my shoot to have gone any better. A big thanks to the mom as well for trusting me. I gained so much more confidence in myself after this session and can’t wait to do the next one which happens to be Saturday!!!

Hope you all enjoyed the previews from this session πŸ™‚

Until next time.

Much love,


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