Camping Season Preparation


It’s finally the time of year get ready for the best season of all. CAMPING SEASON! It’s pretty much my favorite time of year. Every year it seems to take FOREVER for it to be warm enough for camping and then in the blink of an eye, the season is over. Summer here in Wisconsin is NOT long enough.

We’ve already brought home our camper. It was in storage for the winter as we didn’t have a place to keep it at home. One of the requirements for our new house was that it HAD to have a place to park the camper in the off-season. That saves us over $3oo a year! Thankfully, we have just the spot to park it now.

Since we don’t ever hook our camper up to water or ever have it filled, it makes the process of opening it up and closing it down every year pretty easy. It just needs to have anything removed that can freeze, a complete wipe down inside and out, and then all the bedding brought in to be washed and packed away for the winter.

Over the years, I’ve created a list of things that are stocked in our camper to make each spring easier for me. It has everything from bathroom items all the way to things needed for our dog. I have a specific tote for things that go in and out of the camper and the end and beginning of every season so I always start there first.

This tote contains items like shampoo, medicines, spices and things that could freeze or may expire over the winter. This is what our bin looks like.


I sit down and go through everything to make sure it hasn’t expired or gone bad and then review my checklist to make sure we aren’t missing anything. Don’t worry, you’ll be seeing the whole printable checklist at the end of this post 🙂 You’d think I was stocking a house after you see it! I guess it is a house on wheels isn’t it?

After I go through all of these items, I move on to all the bedding, towels, etc. that were removed for cleaning. I remake the bed, put all the towels away and restock our extra clothes we leave in the camper in case of emergency or if it rains a lot. We’ve run out of dry clothes before and it wasn’t fun.

Once that’s all put together, I go through each and every drawer and cabinet and double-check my list. It never fails that something gets lost or broken during a season and needs to be replaced. This is also where I usually realize that we are out of paper plates or bowls or need to restock the toilet paper.

As for the outside of the camper, that’s my husbands department. He has a whole section just for him to check off lol.

By the time I’m finished going through the whole camper I’m just ready for the weekend to come so we can LEAVE!

I hope you enjoyed this post and if you have any pointers or things I should add to this list, I’d love to hear from you down in the comments.

Now for the part you’ve probably been waiting for 🙂 Click HERE to download my over-the-top checklist for camping.

Enjoy!! I hope you all have a FANTASTIC and SAFE Memorial Day 🙂


This beautiful sunset graced us with its presence last night. Just wanted to share.


Much love,


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