House Adventures ~ Our First Few Days

I dreamed and thought about how these past few days were going to go for over a year. Let me tell you that how things went in my dreams is NOT how they went…shocker right?? Moving is never fun…which I’m pretty sure you already know. I honestly thought I was pretty prepared for it this time.


I knew that I wanted everything put in the garage as to not overwhelm myself with piles of boxes every where. Well, that didn’t happen. Before I knew it I, myself, had carried boxes and totes in to my dining room. The garage quickly became full and that was even before the U-Haul arrived.

We were very fortunate to have three of Mike’s friends move all the heavy stuff Monday night, but then it was up to the hubby and me to finish everything else with the U-Haul on Tuesday (when I say hubby and me, I really mean just the hubby).


All set up to feed the troops πŸ™‚

Luckily my mother-in-law quickly assessed the situation of our completely packed garage and within an hour we had everything organized and enough space for the rest of our belongings. I have one suggestion . . . which is also probably another “well, duh” moment . . . don’t move during the week unless absolutely necessary. Friday would probably be the best choice. Monday . . . not so much. You’ll have a much easier time finding extra hands to help.


Chaos in the kitchen

Our first hurdle happened after my husband got the U-Haul loaded and was ready to head to the new house . . . the battery was dead. One call to roadside assistance and he was back on the road within the hour. Side note, turn your lights off when you turn the vehicle off, you’re less likely to have a dead battery then πŸ˜‰


Everyone keeps reminding me that Rome wasn’t built in a day . . . guess they weren’t as impatient as me. I can’t STAND not knowing where things are…especially my headache medicine…which was supposed to be packed in a separate bag along with all other first night necessities. Yep …that didn’t happen either. My husband woke up on Tuesday and was looking for a bar of soap. I told him to start digging through all the boxes and totes labeled bathroom. Those were the main ones that were supposed to make it in to the house. Guess what? It was the one and only bathroom box that DIDN’T make it into the house . . . and I found it Tuesday night around 8pm. It was in the same box as my headache medicine. Seems like funny joke. It wasn’t.


Here we are at our first full week in the house today. The pantry has been stocked, our bed is set up, we ordered our couch last week, our kitchen is unpacked, and we finally have groceries in the house. We’ve met three of our neighbors and they are nice as could be. This weeks goal is to get our bedroom and bathroom in order. I can’t find a thing!


I’m in LOVE with my pantry. I can’t wait to unpack even more and get items in to glass containers with cute chalkboard labels and I will probably even paint this out and add some fun backer paper πŸ™‚



A somewhat organized and clean kitchen πŸ™‚

screen room

Our temporary dining in the screen room πŸ™‚

Oh and on another side note, if you notice a low point in your lawn and the ground gives way when you put pressure on it with your foot…you should probably call the town or city…you could have a broken storm drain. Ah, the joys of home ownership πŸ™‚ In two months they will be ripping up our lawn to fix it. Lucky for us we don’t have to pay for it. The lady I talked to on the phone was unbelievably nice and after she assured me it was all going to be OK she said “Welcome to the neighborhood!”

lawnWe have many more adventures ahead of us and so far I just keep smiling and think . . . ya know…things could always be worse. At least we are getting some color in the flower beds πŸ™‚


Hope you all are having an amazing day πŸ™‚

Until next time.

Much love,




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