April Goals

I’ve wanted to do a monthly check-in for, well, since I started this blog. In these posts would be a recap of the prior month’s goals, what I accomplished, unexpected wins or challenges and my goals for the next month. I see so many other bloggers out there that do this and it’s a fantastic way to be held accountable.

We’ve had so many things happen in the last two months that I could hardly keep my head on straight . . . from going to Panama, starting to search for a new house, changes at work, and just life in general.

This is coming a few weeks late, but for good reason. I’m excited to say that WE BOUGHT A HOUSE!!! We closed on Monday and we couldn’t be more exited 🙂 That is just the start of the giant list of goals that I want to accomplish this month.


Home Life:

  • Move in! Just getting the keys in hand and changing our address is going to be one huge goal in itself.
  • Get everything moved out of my mom’s house. That, again, is going to be a huge task. I’m hoping to have it all out the week of our closing, but that’s going to be an insane undertaking.



  • Create business stationary supplies with our new address on them.
  • Blog twice every week. This is down from the three times a week I was blogging which got to be too difficult with working full time.
  • Finish reading Blog Inc. First goal is to find my book since it got packed away for the move!
  • Finish reading Make It Happen. I’ve read a few chapters in this book, but just can’t seem to get into it.
  • Start doing product or book reviews. My specific goal is to review my April PopSugar Must Have Box when it arrives 🙂
  • Draw up preliminary plans for my secret project 🙂


  • Spend 30 minutes every night reading. I’m guilty of sitting on Pinterest until I can’t focus my eyes anymore when I could be reading life-changing books.
  • Make the bed every morning. This is huge for me, you guys. I think the last time I made my bed on a daily basis was when I lived at home as a child. I want to crawl in to bed relaxed…not fighting with the blankets to try and get them straight every night. Plus, it makes the room look that much more organized.
  • Pick up our bedroom before bed. This is also something that I’ve desperately wanted to work on. It’s been difficult to implement this while living with my mom because our bedroom and the basement were pretty much the only rooms we had to put our personal belongings. Our room looks like a bomb went off…every day.
  • Every day. Even if it’s for 15 minutes. My brain NEVER shuts off. I honestly can’t even meditate in silence. I have to use guided videos on You Tube so that my brain can’t wonder off to the 10 other things it wants to be doing. It still does…just not as much lol.

Well, I think that’s a good place to start. I have a million other things that I want to do but right now I want to focus my energy on keeping this blog up and unpacking our life. I look forward to coming back in May to see how much I truly accomplished on here and to make new goals 🙂 Stayed tuned for photos of our new house as well!!

Until next time.

Much love,




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