House Adventures ~ Land of Unknown Flowers

Each day, our yard is surprising us with more and more flowers and shrubs budding and blooming. I don’t have a clue what half of them are, but I’m sure enjoying watching them grow.

unknown plant



House Adventures ~ Our First Few Days

I dreamed and thought about how these past few days were going to go for over a year. Let me tell you that how things went in my dreams is NOT how they went…shocker right?? Moving is never fun…which I’m pretty sure you already know. I honestly thought I was pretty prepared for it this time.

IMG_5844 (more…)


I was sitting here today, realizing how much I miss crafting, baking, cooking, photography and just sharing every day things with you. I promise the day I will be able to start doing that again will be here soon. It feels like it won’t. . . but I promise you that it will. I’ve been taking some time to really step back and just live instead running around like crazy to put posts together or meet some crazy expectation that I have imposed on myself. I’m going to have a new system that I think is going to work better for me and still provide you, my readers, with more of the things I want to share.

Beautiful snowdrops and a dusting of fresh snow.

Beautiful snowdrops and a dusting of fresh snow.



April Goals

I’ve wanted to do a monthly check-in for, well, since I started this blog. In these posts would be a recap of the prior month’s goals, what I accomplished, unexpected wins or challenges and my goals for the next month. I see so many other bloggers out there that do this and it’s a fantastic way to be held accountable.

We’ve had so many things happen in the last two months that I could hardly keep my head on straight . . . from going to Panama, starting to search for a new house, changes at work, and just life in general.


Panama ~ Ruins of Panama Viejo

Another week is getting away from me, so this post is going to be more photos and a few notes here and there 🙂 This day was all about Panama Viejo.

Panama Viejo is the remaining part of the old Panama City. It was founded in 1519. Through it’s beginning years, it suffered many fires, pirate attacks and attacks from indigenous people. In 1671, Henry Morgan attacked the city which caused damage severe enough that the city had to be rebuilt where the new city thrives today.

Hope you enjoy this journey through the ruins as much as I did!

Panama Viejo


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